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Meet The Chef

Alexander Browne is a professional chef. For the past decade he has worked with some of the best chefs in the world like Gary Danko and Michael Mina. He has worked in fine dining establishments all across the country as well as internationally. In San Francisco he was in charge of private events like Pebble Beach Food and Wine Grand Tasting and all Relais Chateaux events as well as other special events with Gary Danko. Alexander was one of the highest rated chefs on, a website for personal chefs in San Francisco. For the past two years he has taken his focus from the restaurant industry to the home. He has been focused on personal chef work for families as well as private dinner parties. 
Alexander’s style of cooking is best described as New American Comfort with emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients that adhere to the clients specific needs. Alexander works hard to keep his menus and dishes fresh, vibrant, and full of flavor.

Tel: 949-500-5046

Email: brownealexander@yahoo.comcom


At Your Service

Tel: 949-500-5046  |  Email:

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Farm to Table

Peas-Asperagus-MInt Salad

Crispy Poached Egg With A Mushroom Ragou 

Pan Seared Branzino With Spiced Fregula

Moroccan Mint Tea Panna Cotta 

A Sneak Peak of the
New Spring Menu
2014-03-05 02.21.24
2014-03-05 01.20.27
2014-12-12 20.42.27
2015-02-21 19.21.40-2

5 course meal that’s bold on taste, light on calories



You choose your favorite foods, I’ll assemble a divine menu



Alexander is a spectacular chef and a pleasure to be around. He was able to cook remarkably creative and delicious meals for my entire family & friends even with all the restrictions I had at the time ( Acid reflux diet and gluten and dairy free). In fact, they didn't even know they were eating a healing diet! Alexander has an easy going affable demeanor and is passionate about his work. It was a joy to work with him.

Elizabeth R, NYC

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